OurTime.com – Warning a Web Site Who’s Time Should be Past

This is some unbelievable “gall”- in both definitions of the word: 1) bold, impudent behavior and 2) the contents of the gallbladder; bile. 

The online dating website OurTime.com not only bombs their own paid Members with all kinds of annoying advertising but recently began to post Fake “Virus Found” Warnings on their live pages! This is not some hacker’s work this is being posted on the page as legit advertising by the owners of this waste of digital space. 

WARNING: Everyone should be aware and not give OurTime.com any money. 

This is an all time low. But I suppose it is indicative of “Our Time” that we live in. 

Fake Virus Found Our Time Ad
Capture of a page in OurTime.com showing Fake “Virus Found” Ad

OurTime.com shame on you! 

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