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Dubious Attempt To Balance The Scales

When it comes to commercial advertising it seems there is no longer any oversight. Corporate entities are allowed to do or say just about anything, anytime and anywhere. People have become numb to the constant noise and visual pollution of commercialism. It seems you cannot take a step without some type of intrusion into your life even in your own home.

Attempts to completely remove the Consumer Protection Agency from the government are underway and it appears there will be no way to stop that from happening.

So all we can do is post a few items here and hope our readers will share them around the world. Being conscious of the noise is the first step to recognizing when you are being manipulated.

F That Coke Bottle

Our Current Goal

The ultimate goal would be to get our own “Anti-Commercial” on air at the biggest snake oil peddling extravaganza in the USA.   

The Super Bowl

What could be more perfect? Where the “World Champions” are crowned for a sport that is only played in one country.  And in a country that likes thing drilled down to two simple choices… what could be better? 

To do this we will need your help to raise enough money to afford the
roughly $175,000 per second that it takes to purchase our way into the program and enough money to produce the commercial. You can help by contributing a few dollars and/or spreading the word.

The Anti-Commercial

Basically we would like to present a satire type of commercial that looks legit but is selling something totally fake. Yes, pretty much like all the other commercials that are aired during the show. We are taking suggestions for the subject of the commercial here.

About Us

Anti-Commercial is a not-for-profit project to help spread awareness of the staggering amount of noise and visual advertising pollution that exists in the world.  

Our goal is to start out by placing alert type advertisements within all the existing places where commercials attack our senses.

Would You Like To Help?

Join us in our endeavors. Donate, help spread the word, or volunteer your experience. When was the last time you did something truly Anti?

We need experienced, professional: Graphic Artists, Comedy Writers, Videographers, Social Media and any other helping hands. Fill out our Volunteer form here.


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