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OurTime.com - Warning a Web Site Who's Time Should be Past
This is some unbelievable "gall"- in both definitions of the word: 1) bold, impudent behavior and 2) the contents of the gallbladder; bile.

The online dating website OurTime.com not only bombs their own paid Members with all kinds of annoying advertising but recently began to post Fake "Virus Found" Warnings on their live pages! This is not some hacker's work this is being posted on the page as legit advertising by the owners of this waste of digital space.

WARNING: Everyone should be aware and not give OurTime.com any money.

This is an all time low. But I suppose it is indicative of "Our Time" that we live in.

OurTime.com shame on you!

OurTime.com Phishing Scam

Read this warning BEFORE you join OurTime.com!
F That
Coke Bottle
When Will Television Writing Catch up to the Digital Age?
I was writing a review of a popular television show today and found myself saying the same thing as most all other television series on air in the past 10 years.

No matter how good the series, it is unfortunate that it has to succumb to the "accounting style" of script writing that is prevalent in most all series on air. This style is very popular today as the writers are told to write each character into a die or disappear situation just before the end of each season -- just before they begin the negotiations for the new season contracts. This allows the accountants to decide critical plot development based on the final negotiated actor's salary as opposed to what is good for the show as a whole. This kills any continuity that shows could have, since they are always looking for actors who test well and get paid less to replace those who are integral to the storyline. Characters die off or get reduced to one-show-a-season as they fade into the background and only appear in flash backs or quick scenes.

This new trend is yet another bullet in the chamber for the "art" of television script writing. The only thing worse is the 12 minute 4 Act format based around the commercial breaks. This mini-series of 12 minute episodes is like a roller coaster ride and is especially apparent when you watch some TV series on demand without the commercials. The break to commercial is so apparent that it can be annoying even without the commercial.

Well there might be something even worse than that - and since I am on a rant... the test group syndrome - wherein a series will drop actors who don't test well in front of test group audiences. This allows the whim of the test group to control who is in the cast and who is not. Several times a really great "bad" (as in evil) character is written and the actor plays the part so well that the test group hates the actor - before long the test groups get their way and the really great "evil character" is written out.

Perhaps it is time for television to grow up and join the digital age - stop writing based on commercial breaks and accountant's ledgers and create something people will want to watch. Let the bad guys be bad and stop trying to please a room full of strangers who may have never seen the show before.
Skype Spam - Popup Ads for Paying Customers
It would appear that Skype is trying to cash in on the Facebook "social thing" by forcing users to have to deal with a pop-up window showing a Facebook "Tell your friends what you are up to" and advertising for all kinds of Skype services.

Not only does it popup when you first start the Skype service but also randomly about once a day. If you happen to be typing or working in another window, well that is just too bad, because Skype will not only pop-up the window at any time but will also steal the attention (focus) of the entire desktop away from your work. Not good Skype!

The brilliant spammer minds at Skype have decided to not provide any way to turn this new "feature" off. There are several back end fixes posted around on the Internet but none of them work to stop this ugly new function. Even attempting to revert back to a previous version of Skype will not fix the issue. Once it begins it is there to stay.

Perhaps this is to help sell their monthly fee Premium Service with a yet to be announced benefit "no annoying pop-up spam ads." In order to offer that benefit I guess you must first harass all your millions of existing customers with the spam pop-ups. That they are doing and doing it quite well!

So it would appear that most people are looking into moving to other phone type services - including Google Voice.

Thank you Skype - I never would have looked into Google Voice/Chat had it not been for your Spam Pop-ups. It is such a better service: free telephone numbers, free voicemail with email delivery of messages, ring to multiple cell and land lines, call forwarding & transfer, conference calls, video calls and many of the other things Skype charges extra for. I cannot wait to tell my friends how easy it is to switch away from Skype.

The best way to turn off Skype Pop Up Advertising Messages is - turn off Skype!

So everyone should go Anti-Commercial and say "goodbye" to Skype.
Fraud alert for free internet hosting and registrar company Doteasy.com

Save yourself the aggravation - do not use Doteasy.com!

Scam alert - free hosting scam by Doteasy.com

They will illegally hold your Domain Name hostage against all ICANN rules and regulations. The only way to get them to transfer your domain name property to an alternate legitimate Registrar Service is to fill out a form and provide them with all your credit card financial details by fax or email. They will hold your domain name hostage until this information is submitted. This is completely illegal and there are no details on how they intend to protect your financial details from fraud once they have the submitted form.

The form not only requires the credit card name and number but also demands the security code, copy of the actual credit card (front and back), and a copy of your signature! There is no need for them to demand such detailed financial information.

Our requests to have our clients domain name transferred were all met with the same demand to complete the form with our detailed financial information or NOT be able to transfer the domain name away from their services.

ICANN does NOT require this to be done to transfer any domain name. This is their own internal policy of collecting credit card financial details and storing them somewhere within their company files.

When we called their support number to ask why they were holding the domain name for ransom a person with a foreign accent answered the call and informed us of this form and said that they demanded the form or else we would not get the domain name transferred. Reluctantly we submitted the form.

DO NOT put yourself into this situation - avoid any dealings with DotEasy.com!


Our letter to DotEasy.com:

We have filed a formal grievance regarding your illegal and uncalled for Internet domain name registration services policy of demanding customer's personal credit card details, security code, copy of card (front and back) and customer signature prior to release. Standard policy is to release the domain name through the approved ICANN authorization scheme - request of transfer and authorization code entered into the new registrar account. There is no need for these details to be on file at your organization. How do we know your security? How do we know this information will not be stolen, copied or used by your staff? Your policy puts our financial details at risk and is totally uncalled for within the ICANN-accredited registrars established registrar policy.

It is only because our domain name is being held hostage by your illegal policy that we are submitting our financial details (at your demand) and we will hold you completely at fault should they be used in any future fraudulent situation.


We have reported them to ICANN - here is a copy of our report:

====InterNIC Complaint Form====

Thank you for visiting ICANN's Help Desk.

By completing this form, Internet users can initiate help from ICANN's Support Services in filing a grievance concerning a nonresponsive registrar or about enforcement of an alleged violation of the terms listed in the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA).

Issue: compliance-transfer-problems

Specific domain name: palmbchcoquiltersguild.com

DOT EASY at doteasy.com is using an illegal form to hold domain names from being transferred after the standard 60 days after renewal. They are requiring the customer submit detailed credit card (CC) information via FAX transmission of all CC security details including security code, signature of card holder and copies of the CC front and back. Only once they receive this form (and all this unsecured information) will they allow the normal transfer process to be completed to allow the transfer to an alternate registrar.

How do we know this CC information is secure? Where will it be filed and under what security? Someone needs to research this and make them stop hijacking domain names until they can get these CC details. There is no reason for them to demand these CC particulars prior to release of a domain name.