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Skype Spam - Popup Ads for Paying Customers
It would appear that Skype is trying to cash in on the Facebook "social thing" by forcing users to have to deal with a pop-up window showing a Facebook "Tell your friends what you are up to" and advertising for all kinds of Skype services.

Not only does it popup when you first start the Skype service but also randomly about once a day. If you happen to be typing or working in another window, well that is just too bad, because Skype will not only pop-up the window at any time but will also steal the attention (focus) of the entire desktop away from your work. Not good Skype!

The brilliant spammer minds at Skype have decided to not provide any way to turn this new "feature" off. There are several back end fixes posted around on the Internet but none of them work to stop this ugly new function. Even attempting to revert back to a previous version of Skype will not fix the issue. Once it begins it is there to stay.

Perhaps this is to help sell their monthly fee Premium Service with a yet to be announced benefit "no annoying pop-up spam ads." In order to offer that benefit I guess you must first harass all your millions of existing customers with the spam pop-ups. That they are doing and doing it quite well!

So it would appear that most people are looking into moving to other phone type services - including Google Voice.

Thank you Skype - I never would have looked into Google Voice/Chat had it not been for your Spam Pop-ups. It is such a better service: free telephone numbers, free voicemail with email delivery of messages, ring to multiple cell and land lines, call forwarding & transfer, conference calls, video calls and many of the other things Skype charges extra for. I cannot wait to tell my friends how easy it is to switch away from Skype.

The best way to turn off Skype Pop Up Advertising Messages is - turn off Skype!

So everyone should go Anti-Commercial and say "goodbye" to Skype.
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